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Introduction of School of Business of Hubei University




 School of Business of Hubei University was established through merging Economics School with Tourism School in 2001. It is now authorized by China's Ministry of Education to offer Ph.D. program in Theoretical Economics, Master Programs in Theoretical Economics and Business Management, MBA, MTA, MF  and MIB, and etc. It owns Theoretical Economics and Business Management provincial key disciplines, national excellent courses such as Tourism Planning and Development, as well as provincial excellent courses such as Accounting and Tour Guide.


School of Business of Hubei University is a research-oriented school in Economics and Management. It focuses on both academic contributions and applied analyses of the Chinese economy. Several social science and soft science research centers,  including Tourism Planning and Development Research Center, Research Center for Open Economy of Hubei Province, and Research Center for Innovation Methods of Hubei Province as well as one Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center have been approved by Hubei Provincial Department of Education.

In the year 2016, more than 30 papers have been published in the academic top journals domestic and international. The school faculty members also host a large number of research projects with project funding amounts to more than 6M RMB, among which 9 projects are of state level.



Currently School of Business of Hubei University has nearly 3000 students, including 2500 undergraduate students, 480 MA students and 18 Ph.D. students. Among the 140 faculty members in the school, there are 9 doctoral supervisors, 33 professors and 50 associated professors.

[Updated on March 28, 2017]


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